In an attempt to make a temporary relief in the mounting waste disposal issues, a new incinerator will begin functioning at the Kozhikode Medical College soon.

The incinerator was installed with the finance in the Hospital Development Society (HDS).

HDS member Saleem Madavoor advised’City Express’ that the society has allotted’15 lakh towards the expenses that will be obtained for the installation functions.

An official of this medical school said that an expert group, deputed from SIDCO, has seen the medical school to reassess the primary arrangements.

The work order was awarded to SIDCO and an agreement was signed between the medical college government and SIDCO officials three weeks ago.

The medical school official added that the functions of this incinerator are finished and installation functions will start within few days.  If the new incinerator begins working, the waste disposal problems will be partly addressed. The incinerator which has a capacity of burning 150 kg of waste, will eliminate the residue generated from the medical college hospital.

Meanwhile, the medical school will continue to grapple with the waste being produced in the Institute of Maternal and Child Health (IMCH) and Super Specialty block because the incinerator for those blocks, which have been suggested at a price of’63.5 lakh from the state authorities still remains on papers. If the incinerator becomes a reality around 5,000 kg of waste could be disposed everyday.

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