“They save on having to bury the waste and we save on the consumption of natural gas,” he explained.

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Environmental protection agency Miljøstyrelsen explained that last year up to 200,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste from England was incinerated in Denmark — almost six percentage of the total volume of combustible material used.

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Incinerators in Aalborg and Hjørring are also burning British trash.

“The heating we produce using the waste is cheaper than that which we could create with gas,” explained AVØ mind Tore Vedelsdal. “And the British are curious since they lack incinerators and pay heavy taxes on landfills.”

Good for the environment

Power in Denmark is increasingly being produced in plants burning waste imported from England. The custom is being called an economic and ecological blessing on either side of the equation.

The AVØ incinerator in Frederikshavn creates heating and electricity to the area by burning trash from England.

“It’s mainly construction waste like bits of wood, cardboard and plastic in Manchester,” AVØ operations manager Orla Frederiksen told DR Nyheder. “I guess we have 600 tonnes here which provide a fantastic combustible mixture we could then become district heating and electricity.”

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