Product Description

We are among the most significant waste incinerator manufacturer and exporter of China. Pyrolytic incinerator specialized is primary waste treatment system all over the world, for Medical Waste, dual chambered incinerator, dual chambered incinerators, dual champer incineration pdf, double-chamber pyrolytic incinerators, Animal Incineration, Pet cremation and other good waste. Presentlywe provide small and large scale incinerators as local client requirements and design updated incinerator with our top technology. 

Program Scope:  1. Hospital& practice: Iatric Waste, Infectious Waste, Dressing, Bio-Waste, Medicine.  2. 3. Community & Sea Port & Station: Municipal Solid Waste, etc.  4. Laboratories, Remote Locations, Disaster Relief Operations, Animal Cremation

Equipment Technical Specifications
Model YD-10C
Feed Capacity 40-80 kgs per feed
Burning Rate 10 kgs per hour
Burning Time per Feed 3.0 -5.0hours
Voltage 220V
Power 0.50Kw
Fuel Natural Gas or Diesel oil
Burner Italy Burner
Feed Mode Manual
Fuel consumption (Oil) 4.4-9.4 Kgs/Hour
Fuel consumption (Gas) 5.3-11.2m3/Hour
External Dimensions 170 x 140 x 160cm (mainbody)
Internal Dimensions 55 x 55 x 65cm(Primary Chamber)
Waste combustion chamber 200Liters
Post Combustion Chamber 140Liters
Oil Tank Capacity 50 Liters
Door Opening 38 x 48cm
Chimney 5.0M
Gross Weight 1200kgs
Chamber Material Refractory Concrete
Max. Heat Value 94,000Kcal/Hr.
Operation Technical Specifications
Solid Chamber temperature 800 0 C -1000 0 C
Gas Chamber temperature 1000 0 C -1200 0 C
Chamber Anti-Rate 1350 0 C
Residency time 2.0 Sec.
Burning efficiency >98%
Waste Lower Calorific Power 3000Kcal