IT is a daily occurrence to see black smoke being emitted from the chimneys in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva.

And after a recent letter to the editor out of Satish Nakched, The Fiji Times followed up with an investigation to the smoke that poses an obstruction to the neighboring residents of Waimanu Rd..

A common belief is that the smoke is a product from body components being incinerated in the hospital.

Minister of Health and Medical Services, Jone Usamate explained “the incinerator in CWM burns all clinical waste produced at the hospital”.

“The choice of type of wastes that needs to be incinerated follows international standards for infection control and disposal of clinical waste,” Mr Usamate explained.

Clinical waste includes blood, tissue, individual organs and other body components.

“Incineration happens in a controlled environment where items are incinerated at a really higher temperature to destroy all microorganisms in the waste.

“Incinerators are employed in hospitals all over the world and will be the preferred method to eliminate this waste as it keeps the odds of spreading illness and infection to a minimum.