Product Description

Principle of This Incinerator Gear is incineration/combustion/burn.

The main body is one combustion chamber (at least), Refractory line or firebrick, Insulation materials and the outer plate. Ignition element is external gas or oil burner. The burner may be sloutherhouse waste incineration lt, small 20kg incinerator, small a animal crematory equipment prices, small animal crematorium makers, running until squander burnout but for a few squander such as plastic, paper (sometime, mix irrigation with waste before feeding), they can combustion itself after Ignition. During combustion, burner includes a buff itself for Oxygen supply and additionally protect burner prevent heat damage from combustion chamber. And, there a external fan blow air into combustion chamber. The Exhaust gas blow off after combustion. 

Considering Environmental Protection requirements and rules, virtually all incinerator have secondary combustion chamber (after-burn, post-combustion), even when third combustion chamber. The secondary burner burn off the Exhaust gas from primary combustion chamber, this technology make sure sufficient combustion, couple black smoke and smell. 

The upgraded incinerator technology concentrate on Exhaust gas treatment to get rid of Hazardous material and other purpose from incinerator, such as heat recovery (waste to energy), save fuel price, PLC Automation operation.